Many things to pursue in limited time


One of the realities of modem life is that we all have many things we would like to pursue - but limited time for pursuing them. We have to make decisions as to how we spend our time; not only in how much we work, but also in how we utilize our leisure time. Irrespective of our income and net worth, we can be truly prosperous only if we have a good balance between work and play.

It may appear that the most effective way to put more time in your life is to rush more during the day and try to do as many things as possible in the shortest possible time. Perhaps you have tried this many times and discovered that you always feel even more time deprived. No wonder that an old Dutch proverb contends, "The hurrier we go, the behinder we get."

Truth be known, squeezing as many leisure activities as possible into your personal time won't help you attain a balanced and relaxed lifestyle. Ironically, the activities that are supposed to help you relieve stress and enhance your health can actually have the opposite effect if you try to rush through them. Exercising in a hurry, for example, is liable to create more stress than it dissipates. In the same vein, you can't meditate effectively if you feel rushed. You are likely to regret having meditated at aB when you realize you have wasted your time.

In the corporate environment, time management is frequently touted as the way to control time and put more of it into our lives. Classical time management doesn't work, however, because it supports trying to do more and more in a limited amount of time. The problem with using traditional time management techniques is that you will still be dedicating a lot of your effort and time into things that are unimportant. You will still spend ten or twelve hours a day working at your job when you should be spending a maximum of eight.

Instead of managing time, you must transcend it. In simple terms, the object is to put more time into your life so that you are able to do your own thing at your own speed. The key is to forget about what the masses are doing. Even if practically everyone else seems to increase the pace of life every day, you don't have to try to keep up. You must take control of your physical and psychic space instead of allowing the distractions of the modem world to influence your lifestyle.

The peak performer's key to mastering time may surprise you: To make your days longer, don't rush; slow down instead. Adopt this principle and in a somewhat magical way you will have more time in your life. Once you slow down, you will no longer fight time; you will master it. Being totally involved in any activity, whether writing your first novel, walking in the park, talking to your neighbor, or taking a shower, will make the whole world slow down for you.

The next time you think that you don't have time to enjoy a sunset, think about it a little more. Clearly, the most important time to enjoy a sunset is when you don 't have time for it. Taking ten minutes to watch the sun go down will do more to help you eateh up with the world than rushing around for several hours.


The more sunsets you stop to enjoy, the more relaxed and less rushed life will be. Moreover, you will realize the importance of reducing the number of planned activities so that you get more quality in those few that you pursue. Needless to say, there is no obligation on your part to apologize to anyone for slowing down and enjoying life. If someone asks what has gotten into you, tell them that you recently read the international bestseller The Joy of Not Working and agreed with every word in the book. Not everyone will approve of your behavior - but this will add to your satisfaction and enjoyment of life.




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