Organized People


Do you want a full, relaxed, satisfying, and happy life? Begin by making organization one of your strongest assets. Perhaps you realized a long time ago how favorably your life functions when you are well-organized and how things get out of hand when you are terribly disorganized. Indeed, being well organized puts you in control of your life.

Fact is we are not born organized; organization is a learned skill that anyone can master. Organized people get the very best out of life because they get the important projects completed and are constantly achieving their goals. They are seldom wasting time being distracted by frivolous activities, searching for lost items, or redoing time-consuming projects. Best of all, they find the time they need to do the things they love and to spend time with the people they care about.

Organization is the art of using your time and resources efficiently. If you would like to get everything done when it's due - without frustration, guilt, or stress - you need to master the art of being orderly. Plain and simple, organization involves planning. Inadequate or no planning goes hand in hand with a chaotic lifestyle. Paradoxically, if you are well-organized, you can afford to be spontaneous and do something that you hadn't planned for the day.

To keep your life functioning harmoniously, keep things simple. This applies as much to your personal life as it does to your work life. Don't buy expensive socks if you can never find them. You don't want to spend precious time looking for your expensive socks in the morning while your co-workers and competitors are already in the office. When you let things get out of hand in one area of your life, other areas of your life will be affected as well. A terribly disorganized personal life will spill over into your work life. Likewise, a chaotic work life will disrupt your personal life.

There may be areas in your personal life on which you have to spend more time so that your work life functions better. Being well-organized means that you are using an efficient system that allows you to locate everything you need when you need it. When your non-career activities - such as friendships, marital matters, family affairs, and house chores - are in turmoil, you will be limited in what you can accomplish in your business or career.

Being truly productive at work gives you more time for activities in your personal life. An orderly life also helps you enjoy your leisure time more, since you don't have to feel guilty about not having accomplished as much at work as you would have liked. What's more, you will feel better at the end of the day when you have time to relax and fit in something that you hadn't planned.

To be better organized at work, set priorities and focus your energy where it will make the most difference. Focus on the most lucrative activities and cut back on the least productive ones. Another key to being well-organized is being able to avoid distractions. It's all too easy to forget what's important. There is no end to distractions - co-workers wanting to gossip, nebulous reports to read, football games to watch on TV, friends demanding attention, etc. – that can interfere with getting critical matters handled quickly.

Contrary to what many people believe, disorganization takes more time than organization. What's more, disorganization ensures that huge obstacles are always directly in the path of getting critical projects completed. Organization is the art of scheduling every day with enough useful activities to make it productive. Never overload your day, however. Your daily schedule should always allow - no exceptions - for leisure activities and enough flexibility to be spontaneous.


If your life is presently in disarray, the time to start being better organized is not tomorrow - the right time is today. When you become well-organized, others will be asking how you are able to make things seem so easy. You will have them wondering how you find the time to complete the essential activities, and still have time to be lazy and leisurely. Make organization your forte and you will have the full, relaxed, satisfying, and happy life to which millions of individuals only aspire.




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