The Easy Rule of Life


As we discussed earlier, life is tough.Luckily, there is a way to make the game of life much easier. You are about to be reminded about (or introduced to) an awesome, paradoxical life principle. It is called The Easy Rule of Life. Following The Easy Rule of Life can get you from Loserville to Success City in record time. You may also want to call this principle The Easy Rule of Success. Once you master it, success will come relatively easy - much easier than it came before you mastered this rule. The Easy Rule of Life tells us that when we always do the easy and comfortable, life turns out difficult and uncomfortable.

When we do the difficult and uncomfortable, however, life turns out easy and comfortable.

Think about it carefully, and you will see how this rule applies to your life.

Indeed, the principle that we must do the difficult and uncomfortable to experience true satisfaction and well-being influences every area of our lives, including work, financial gain, raising children, friendship, love, health, fitness, and retirement.

Taking the easy and comfortable way - sitting at home and watching a lot of no-brainer programs on television - will put you on a dead-end street.

Long-term satisfaction can only be attained by undertaking the challenging activities that are at times difficult and frustrating.

We must pay the price with time, effort, and frustration in completing these activities.

In particular, think about how this awesome, paradoxical life principle applies to attaining anything related to success.

To be sure, to have a lot of success in your life will not always be easy - you may have to do a lot of difficult and uncomfortable things.

But once you attain this success, life will be much easier and much more comfortable.

What's more, life will be much more satisfying because you have accomplished something extraordinary.

The Easy Rule of Life tells you that each day you should be doing something difficult and uncomfortable. If you have always wanted to write a book, for instance, but have resisted doing so, you are in the majority.

Apparently 81 percent of Americans think they should write a book - but only 2 percent have completed a manuscript.

This is one of the reasons that American novelist John Updike said, "Writers may be disreputable, incorrigible, early to decay or late to bloom, but they dare to go it alone."

If you want to join the small minority of creative individuals that has completed a manuscript, you should force yourself to write for at least an hour or two each day.

You must, in fact, go it alone.

This may continue to be difficult and uncomfortable for a long time but eventually you will have the book completed.

Alas, most people would rather be comfortable than do whatever it takes to be successful.

Be different from the masses - be willing to be uncomfortable! If you want to become a professional speaker, but would be scared half to death to speak in front of more than two people, then choose to be terribly uncomfortable.

Make your first speech in front of one hundred people.

Just as telling, be willing to do your first speech wrong, but at least do it.

You will feel great because you will know that you have done your best.

If you want to be truly alive and experience a sense of achievement and satisfaction, you have to concentrate on doing many difficult and uncomfortable things - not just one.

It's difficult and uncomfortable to be highly organized; it's difficult and uncomfortable to pay attention to the important things in life; it's difficult and uncomfortable to save money; and it's difficult and uncomfortable to keep agreements.

Regardless of how joyless these things are, give up your comfort zones and start doing them.

It's all too easy to wring your hands and whine about the lack of opportunity in today's world.

It's much harder and more uncomfortable to acknowledge that there is a lot of opportunity, spot it, and capitalize on it.

If you are not doing something comfortless and risky every day, you are stagnating as a human being.

There are probably a hundred different areas in your life in which you are taking the easy and comfortable way at this time.

Most people subscribe to the theory that difficulty is a good reason for not doing something.

On the contrary, the idea that something is difficult is a good reason for doing it.

Every extraordinary achievement was once considered not only difficult, but impossible by the experts.

Yet this did not stop the people who pulled off these achievements.

Think Edison!

Think Gandhi!

Think Mandela!

True greatness is not determined by status, power, and possessions.

The foundation of greatness is good character, comprising such things as risk taking, individuality, courage, and overcoming major obstacles and opposition in accomplishing something extraordinary that is of service to others.

It's not because the successful people of this world get all the breaks; the most successful people play the success game in a completely different way than most people do.

They religiously follow The Easy Rule of Life and declare, "Look Ma, life's easy."

Whether you like it or not - and it has been my experience that most people don't - the degree to which you follow The Easy Rule of Life will determine how much satisfaction and happiness you achieve throughout your whole life.

Start using The Easy Rule of Life and your life will change remarkably.

You will want to kick yourself for having taken so much time to implement it. But at least you will have gotten your life to work at this time, and you can go forward from here.

How long does it take to change your ways and start using The Easy Rule of Life to your advantage? But a second or two. Then the uncomfortable work begins of continuing to utilize The Easy Rule of Life.

One day at a time forever!

Repetition makes the master.

When you eventually achieve true success in your life by using The Easy Rule of Life, you will joyfully tell yourself, "It's all in how you play the game, isn't it?"










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